The most beautiful spaces are thoughtful, curated and authentic.

With nearly 20 years of experience in the interior design field Allison’s approachable and elevated aesthetic has led to the creation of countless beautiful homes. Her spaces are recognizable for their eclectic mix of traditional and contemporary elements, layered use of natural materials and authentic curation of unique and personal elements. Her full service design firm works in close collaboration with architects, builders, trades and artisans to assist in the creation of spaces that are reflective of the clients living in them. The result is interiors that are functional, beautiful and timeless.

By combining a personalized approach to design with an established collaborative process, AWD specializes in executing projects from concept to completion. Throughout the design process, the AWD team handles all aspects of the each project seamlessly. We offer full design services for large scale builds, whole home renovations and interior furnishing.


new build / Large-scale renovations / Full-service decorating projects

New Build / Large-scale Renovations / Full-service Decorating Projects


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We're known for professional, timely communication and blending aesthetics with functionality. 



Allison Willson, an established interior designer - and founder of Allison Willson Design, is located in Toronto, ON and specializes in residential interior design. With nearly 2 decades of experience in the design field, her designs have spanned Canada and the United States, and have garnered her international recognition. Known for her elevated and livable interiors, Allison relies on her years of experience to create interiors that are timeless and beautiful. 

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“Her style, authenticity, design sense and vision make Allison worthy of our praise. She is also a pleasure to work with. ”

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from St Edmund’s

“Allison and her team’s keen eye for detail and ability to blend aesthetics with functionality surpassed all expectations.

client experiences

from Red Stone

“Having lived in our completed cottage and city house for a few months now, we understand that no space will feel like home without the touch of AWD.”

client experiences

from Haliburton